Over November and December, the book club for MPower Co has been focusing on books on the topic of positive psychology. The first was Yes to Life: In Spite of Everything by Viktor K Frankl, which was a series of lectures he gave after being held in concentration camps in Germany. The second book is Michael J. Fox’s No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality. This book is a compilation of stories that show his optimism and nature to overcome when life threw him life-altering changes. 

I love a good positive affirmation. There is a lot of research behind the fact that you can center yourself and increase your happiness by using them. 

So, based on the positive psychology books and my financial background, I’ve written 21 positive affirmations to use in 2021. 

Use the affirmations to remind yourself of your value system and your goals. Use the affirmations that speak to you to support and center your mind through 2021 and for the years to come! 

21 Positive Affirmations for 2021

  1. I will say “Yes!” to what brings me joy and fulfillment. 

We have only 365 days in 2021. Focus on spending time doing more of what brings joy and happiness and less time on the things that don’t. Instead of trying to “fix weaknesses” focus on using strengths more. 

  1. I choose life. 

It’s easy to coast. It’s easy to choose what is easy or convenient. Instead, choose to live. Use the time you have to do what you’re capable of doing. Choose to be proactive instead of waiting for something to happen. 

  1. I choose to be happy in the present. 

Instead of waiting to be happy when something is achieved, choose happiness now. Happiness is not a destination. It is not when we buy a house or car, when we land our dream job or get the long-awaited promotion. 

  1. My past cannot be different.

It’s easy to worry and focus on things of the past. With 2020 being so hard, it’s going to be easy to think ‘if only this, if only that.’ It’s easy to focus on thee could have, would have, should have. Instead, focus on training your mind to live in the present to increase your happiness.

  1. I will not minimize, lower my standards, or otherwise compromise myself because of others’ expectations. 

Choose to stay in your lane. With social media and the idea of keeping up with the Jones’, focus on what you want most. Focus on what you want most, and above all focus on who you want to be. My guess is who you want to be most is not the person that has it all and changes their ideals for others. If you’re not sure who you want to be, have, or do, check out this Goal Setting Guide. It will help you quickly think through exactly those things. 

  1. Change is not my enemy. Stagnation is.

This past year brought a lot of change, so much. You survived it and hopefully learned how to thrive. When someone approaches you with doing something different, or if you feel like you need to change something in your life, embrace it. Instead of worrying about why it won’t work, figure out why it does work. 

  1. Failing at something is not failure at all. It is a success. 

Trying to do something and it not working out is something we need to remember is a good thing. We have the opportunity to learn because we have ruled something out as a possibility. We cannot punish ourselves for trying new things and it not working out. Failing is not trying. 

  1. I will focus on maintaining and building healthy relationships. 

One of the most important things in life is who we choose to surround ourselves with. In our romantic partners, our friends, and our family, it is critical that we maintain and build strong, healthy relationships. Not every potential relationship is worth our time long-term, but we must make time and an effort for those relationships that matter most. 

  1. My happiness is not tied to the things I have.

Material possessions and consumerism do not increase our happiness. In fact, they likely burn us out. Minimize your surroundings and be grateful for what you have. Focus on using the items you own. Don’t accumulate stuff just for the sake of accumulating stuff. 

  1. I will be mindful of my presence.

Technology is a great thing. It can help us in so many ways; however, it can also tear us apart. Have you ever been in a room with people you don’t see often, and everyone is on their phone? Have you ever looked around a restaurant and see tables of people with everyone on their phone. Choose who gets your attention. Choose how you want to be present. Don’t let social media, television, or other distractions, choose for you.

  1. Forget weaknesses! I’ll focus on using my signature strengths more.

So what, we all have weaknesses. Or do we? Dr. Thia, MPower Co’s Director of Education, would just say there is a continuum of strengths. Some things we are stronger in than others, but that doesn’t make the things we aren’t strongest in weaknesses. Instead of focusing on weaknesses and trying to make them better, own who you are and position yourself so that you get to utilize your greatest strengths the most. 

  1. I will live within my means.

Spending more than we earn is a direct path to worry, stress, and losing sleeping. Choose to live within your means by spending less money than you earn. 

  1. I will not sacrifice what I want most for what I want now. 

Window shopping is now social media scrolling. Every day we are bombarded with images of things we might want, people selling things. It’s easy to get items in short order when buying online. However, buying what we want now may jeopardize what we want most. Put together a spending plan so that you know you are focusing your finances on what you want most in life. Then when you do decide to spend on something you want now, you know you haven’t sacrificed what you want most. 

  1. Money is not everything.

Sure, money can make life a lot easier, but it is not everything. It does not define who you are, nor does it define who someone else is.

  1. I am the CEO of my own life. 

No one else can choose what you want for yourself. You are the person that is the most vested in the outcome of your life. You are the person that controls your future. Make a choice now to live the life you want most. 

  1. I will be kind to myself. 

It’s easy to be our own worst critic. Instead of tearing yourself down, focus on building yourself up. When negative thoughts creep in, remind yourself what you like about yourself and what you are proudest of. We will never come across as kind if we don’t like ourselves first. 

  1. It’s OK if I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. 

There are almost 8 billion people in the world. Not every person is going to like you, identify with you, or be on the same page as you. That is ok. Don’t minimize your life to only like people, but know that it’s ok when you aren’t a great fit for everyone.

  1. Money is a tool. 

Money does not define your life. However, just like your creativity, intelligence, and work ethic are tools, so is money. Use your dollars wisely, and take time to use money for its full potential. 

  1. Experiences are more valuable than things. 

At the end of each year, we think about the most memorable things of the past year. Often, the most memorable things are important moments or experiences, not the things we bought. So, focus on the experiences of life. Focus on the moments instead of things. 

  1. I will be thoughtful with my generosity. 

This certainly can be with respect to donating money and supporting those in need. It can also be as simple as supporting small businesses and local businesses, or how we spend our time. It is a fact that people intend to be generous, but don’t take steps to do so. So, in 2021, choose to be thoughtful and generous when it feels authentic to do so. 

  1. I believe in myself. 

Know that you are a capable person for which the sky’s the limit. Other people may believe in you, but until you believe in yourself doubt will be a huge barrier. Choose to believe in your ability to create the life you desire. 

Positive Psychology

If you aren’t familiar with the practice of Positive Psychology, it is the scientific study of well-being. While we think of Psychology as trying to fix things that are wrong, Positive Psychology is all about taking what we are already doing well and amping it up. 

MPower Co strives to combine financial education with positive psychology. Most are doing well, but there are things we can do to amp up our well-being and our financial lives so we are happier with life starting now. 

Our Book Club

This post was precipitated because of the positive psychology books that I’ve been reading as a part of the MPC Book Club for November and December. Want to join in to work on your positive psychology and financial literacy? Here’s how it works! I choose a monthly book at the end of each month. Each Sunday night on MPower Co’s Facebook page I post about the book and ask for any comments. On Monday I’ll talk about the book on Facebook Live. Join in to learn along with us!