MPower Co has offered our couples online financial course MPowered Couple since the Spring of 2020. The last group of couples that will start the course in 2020 begins Monday, Sept. 28. 

If you’re on the fence about if this l course is for you, read through this post to learn more about who this course is built for. 

What MPowered Couple, Our Couples Online Financial Course, is About

Discussing finance is such a taboo, challenging topic in general. In relationships, it can be even harder because it can feel messy or raw. It can be emotional, personal, and at times a little overwhelming. A significant number of relationships that fail cite money issues as one of the main stressors on the relationship. 

This course was built to walk couples through the process of normalizing financial discussions within the relationship. It’s about organizing your financial life together, setting individual and shared goals, and having a value system to fall back on when things get tough. It’s about making talking about spending money and challenging each other to invest in your shared future. 

MPowered Couple has five units that have multiple sections. The course as a whole is scheduled to last over two months. Some Units are built to be worked through as individuals, and then some are for both to do jointly. This helps to ensure that you both identify what is important to you, and then as a couple, you decide on what is important to your shared future.

 There are also fun date night activities in each Unit, and they’re COVID friendly. 

Once you complete this course, you will have built a strong financial foundation within your relationship. You will have a financial path that you both agree is right for you as a couple. This course is not built as a one size fits all plan. There is research-based information to guide you, but ultimately you and your partner decide the best fit for you. 

You will also have encouragement and support throughout the course. While MPower Co’s classes are high tech, we also focus on providing personalized coaching. This is to ensure that whatever your goals may be for taking the course, you are sure to reach them by the end of the course. 

So, not sure if this course is for you? Here are six examples of couples that could benefit from taking this couples online financial course: 

couple holding hands with a watch

Who MPowered Couple is For

Couple Combining Finances for the First Time

If you follow MPower Co on Social Media, you may have heard this story, but here it goes again. Mark and I moved to Los Angeles, California – halfway across the country from family and friends. We chose to combine finances as we would be living under the same roof, and we felt it would be silly to wait a couple of months (until our wedding) to combine finances. We knew we were in this thing together.

We are both numbers people and were pretty good with finance. I have a background in personal finance, and he is a Certified Public Accountant. Let me tell you, though, there was something about combining our money and our financial plan that felt tough. It was more than personal. We both had different perspectives on things (like using credit), and we brought very different financial circumstances to our relationship. 

Sometimes the conversations were very, very hard. There was no roadmap for us to follow, and we were, for the first time in our relationship, having to rely only on each other. There was no order to our discussions. Sometimes there wasn’t discussion at all because we just didn’t know there was something we needed to be talking about. Then something would happen and we realized we should have been talking more. 

I get why relationships fail because of money! If you and your partner in this thing called life are at the stage where you need to open up to each other about your finances or if you’re where you need to lay it all out there and know that it’s the right time to have open discussions but aren’t sure where to start or what topics to cover, this financial course was made for you.

Finance is a Stressor in Your Relationship

Do you feel like you and your partner are holding your breath to pay the bills at the end of every month? Are you frustrated that your partner keeps telling you that you spend too much, while you feel they’re the spender? Perhaps your partner is a spender and you get the sense they think you are nagging them about their spending habits. 

If you can identify with these things or feel like every discussion blows up into a fight that leads back to money, MPowered Couple can help you. MPowered Couple is your fresh start. This course is laid out in building blocks that start from simply talking about your perspectives and financial history and working, talking through important goals, assessing your financial picture, and making a future plan. This course can help you come together around finance and turn what may now be a stressor in your relationship into a strength in your partnership.  

Same-Sex Couples

I’ve talked with a few same-sex couples who feel like courses are rarely written with them in mind. Perhaps you, too, are hesitant to take MPowered Couple because they’re not sure if this financial course has your relationship in mind. Love has several different forms and if you are in a same-sex relationship, know I am your ally. To MPower Co, love is love, and finance is finance. 

Our education is written to be inclusive and applicable to all individuals and all relationships. Every person or couple has the right to good financial education. MPowered Couple is written with all of this in mind.

As you may have noticed, I’ve not used the term wife or husband once (well, now I have) in this post. I also steer clear of those titles in the course. The course identifies individuals as partners, significant others, or committed individuals or other similar forms. Because no matter what your love looks like, those terms likely are involved in some way. 

Couples who feel like their financial life is disorganized

Life is busy and messy. Things are constantly changing. 

  • You may have legacy bank accounts at different places. 
  • Perhaps there are credit cards you have in an old checkbox in your closet and you have no idea if those accounts are open anymore.
  • You may have retirement accounts at different broker-dealers because you’ve changed jobs. 
  • You may have no clue what your logins are except for your computer having the logins saved. 
  • You may not have any clue who is listed as the beneficiary on your assets.

You’ve been going and dealing with other important things in life.  Your financial life has not been a focus, and now you are in so deep that you have no clue where to start to get it all in order.

It is time to pause, take a deep breath, and be guided to getting your financial life organized. 

The course will help you wade through your different accounts and put together a digital assets list. It will help you organize your investment portfolio and put together a net worth statement. It will help you manage your billing cycles so that they coincide with your income. 

You will have a list of accounts where you can quickly update beneficiaries. You can assess whether where you are saving your money is really where you intend for the funds to be going. You can prioritize, set goals, and have someone other than your partner to guide you through the process. 

newly married couple putting ring on

Newly Engaged or Married Couples

You may not be interested in combining your finances. However, you are at a point where you are going to have shared expenses. It may be for the wedding, for buying a house together, if you choose to have kids, etc. 

While the research says that couples are happier together if they combine their finances, MPower Co respects that you need to do what is right for your relationship. Building financial trust in your relationship is perhaps even more important if you aren’t combining finances. 

Talking about how you are going to manage one-off situations, and how you will support each other’s goals is vital. Additionally, staying on the same page about what is coming up is critical. 

So, if you are newly engaged or married and need to have many tough conversations about personal finance and your financial path as a couple, MPowered Couple can guide you through these conversations. 

Couples looking for Fun Date Nights!

My husband and I have been quarantined together since March. Since March, we have eaten pretty much every meal together. We have done all of the same activities. We have two little kids in the house and we are generally tired. 

We are tired of talking about what’s for dinner. We are tired of debating what to watch when we have a “night off.” If you are, too, MPowered Couple can help you with that for a few weeks! 

Not only will you be focused on organizing your financial life, but MPowered Couple is about making finance accessible and sometimes even fun. It is exciting to dream about retirement and then turn that dream into reality. It’s fun sharing stories with each other that maybe you haven’t thought to share. That’s why MPowered Couple has date nights built into each unit. 

Because of COVID, I’ve re-imagined them a bit so they are socially distanced/outdoor or at-home dates. They’re formatted so you can go all in and alter it however you need to fit your life right now. Your health is important to us! 

MPowered Couple is for You

If you’ve read this far, MPowered Couple can help you. This Units and information in this course can help you assess, communicate, and organize your financial life. It can help protect you from one of the things that tear others’ relationships apart. 

If you are ready to take a couples online financial course to solidify your financial future with your significant other, sign up for MPowered Couple here

Still on the Fence About if MPowered Couple is for you? 

If you’re not sure from reading this post if MPowered Couple is for you, email us at info@mpowerco.com. We would love to understand your hesitations and see if we can explain how this couples online financial course can benefit you and your future. You can also learn more about the Units, and what you will get out of the course here on our website

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