That’s a wrap on Richer Retirement for 2020! How is that possible? The year has gone by quickly, and we are thankful for each individual that we’ve had the opportunity to work with. We also appreciate Richer Retirement online course reviews that we get from graduates as they complete the course. 

This post details what graduates of Richer Retirement have said in response to the course in 2020.

Numbers Speak as Loud as Words

In 2020, 84% of individuals who registered for Richer Retirement completed the course. At MPower Co, we believe this figure speaks louder than the words of students. 

This completion rate is incredible compared with other online courses. While statistics are hard to come by, an online course’s typical completion rate is at best 50%. 

Therefore, to MPower Co, this 84% completion rate indicates that our method of providing a high-tech course led by a hands-on instructor in Dr. Thia, MPower Co’s Director of Education, is working. Further, it is a testament to Dr. Thia’s course. The information must be understandable, engaging, and relevant for people to stay engaged in this course. 

A Refresher on Richer Retirement

If you don’t know about our online course, Richer Retirement, let me give you a little background. Richer Retirement is an educational course that helps individuals prepare financially and emotionally for retirement (and the years leading to retirement). It focuses teaching the topics of personal finance and positive psychology so that you are prepared when life happens from today through retirement.

This course is not an online textbook. It is an educational course grounded in research and best practices that are brought to life with real-life stories and examples.

The course was written by Dr. Thia, who has over 35 years of university-level personal financial planning education. She has presented over 3,500 face-to-face workshops that have inspired 200,000+ people.

She has studied retirement planning for decades and has identified the critical information that people need to know from her personal finance and positive psychology studies for retirement planning. Dr. Thia gets that life is busy, and we can’t all wade through the information ourselves. 

Dr. Thia has made it her mission to teach the critical steps people need to consider and then allow individuals to decide what is right for them. The course is written with actionable solutions that can be implemented in the short term, or if they aren’t a good fit, not at all. 

Now, for Richer Retirement feedback from graduates of the course:

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People were Able to Reach Their Personal Goals

At MPower Co, we believe that financial education is for the purpose of encouraging individuals to realize their personal goals. We cannot choose what is important for each individual; however, we want to write and coach our courses to ensure that individuals reach their goals when they register for the course. 

In 2020, all individuals that completed the course indicated that they reached their personal goals with respect to taking Richer Retirement.

Here are a few statements from Richer Retirement Graduates on reaching their goals for taking the course: 

  • “My main reason for enrolling was to learn what I needed to do to prepare for retirement.  The most important thing I learned is that there is so much I didn’t know (like the basics of social security). But you gave me the foundation not only for learning what I need to know, but also the confidence to know that I can learn it and take the steps to prepare myself.”
  • “Yes, I surpassed any possible goals! I did not know what to expect, but I got much more than I could have imagined!”
  • “Yes, I was able to reach my immediate goals that I had when I enrolled.  My primary goal was to seek guidance: to show me what’s wrong, to show me what’s right, to show me how to fix it, and to show me how to keep it fixed.”

Dr. Thia Personalizes Her Coaching Technique

Dr. Thia not only authored Richer Retirement, but she also coaches individuals through the course. This is one way that MPower and Dr. Thia ensures that the course content is reaching the mark. 

How it works is that at the end of each unit, students have the opportunity to email directly with Dr. Thia. Dr. Thia provides prompting questions; however, the questions are to generate communications about challenges course takers are running into and/or about successes they’ve had. Instead of sending back canned responses, Dr. Thia provides direct, individualized feedback. 

Many students said that these communications were helpful, and they truly appreciated the effort Dr. Thia put into supplementing the course material. Here was Richer Retirement online students reviews said: 

  • “ I appreciated your positive feedback and that it was clear you read my email and weren’t just sending a canned response.”
  • “[Dr. Thia] was very valuable during the process with additional comments, and having developed the excellent materials for study and consideration.”
  • “The responses received from the lessons were priceless.  I found myself looking forward to each bit more of insight and it was delivered timely and appropriately.”

Graduates Took Positive Steps to Increase Their Financial and Psychological Well-Being 

Because the course covers various topics, it’s clear that individuals walk away from the course with different takeaways. This array of issues is critical to Richer Retirement students’ success because not all people are at the same point in life. 

Dr. Thia finds that all students walk away from the course with at least a couple of steps to increase their well-being today and carry that into retirement.

Here are what recent Richer Retirement online course reviews said about what from the course they have implemented:

  • “I will no longer touch my retirement savings.
  • “I have made some changes, but I think the biggest thing I’ve done is change my attitude. Now I think about what I’m spending on, and thinking about how this is affecting my net worth and bottom line.  In the next six months, as I mentioned in an earlier unit, I plan to gather all my financial documents, make copies along with passwords, etc and send them to my sister so she can more easily manage my affairs if I pass away unexpectedly. For the same reason, I plan to make a basic will.  I don’t have obvious heirs, so I want to make sure my wishes are written down and followed.”
  • “I am saving $150.00 extra every month and I am being more grateful for the many positive things in my life.”
  • “I have made some changes like updating my deferred compensations, clearing clutter at home, talking to others about saving, reviewing insurance, etc.”
  • “As a result of taking this class, I was shown an orderly progression of information.  I checked my credit report and Social Security account online.  I will make an appointment with HR and review my options for retirement and options for saving for retirement.  I set a goal of being ready to retire in four years.”

Richer Retirement Online Course Reviews Reveal Graduates Recommend the Course! 

Dr. Thia always enjoys working with Richer Retirement course takers. She works to lean-in and encourage each student. Because of how she authored and instructs the course, Richer Retirement graduates consistently indicate they would recommend the course to others. 

In fact, in 2020, of all individuals that completed the course they indicated they would recommend the course to others.  

Read what course graduates say when asked if they would recommend the course: 

  • “Not only would I recommend this class, I HAVE recommended this class.
  • “Yes. There is so much more to retirement than money, and informed planning goes a long way to making it fulfilling versus worrisome. Connectedness is a huge part of that so if we can let go of the worrisome details, we can enjoy retirement more!”
  • Yes – very thought-provoking info and I think I am better for it.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this class to others. No matter when someone is planning to retire, the information is helpful.  They can benefit by starting, examining, or updating planning.”
  • “I recommend others to sign up and experience this life-giving course.”
  • “I would recommend for everyone to take this course.”

Richer Retirement Is For You!

Richer Retirement course reviews remind us why this course is so important. Hopefully, many of the statements of our graduates resonated with you. 

The next offering of Richer Retirement will be open to the public in early 2021. To request to be notified when registration opens for 2021, please email info@mpowerco.com

Want to learn more about Richer Retirement? Visit the Richer Retirement page of our website. 

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