Each month individuals are graduating from our online financial course Richer Retirement. With their graduation comes feedback on the course. Richer Retirement course reviews indicate that working through the course material and working with Dr. Thia, course author and instructor, is life-changing. 

Want to read more about what Richer Retirement graduates have said on the course? Keep reading! 

A Refresher on Richer Retirement

If you don’t know about our online course, Richer Retirement, let me give you a little background. Richer Retirement is an educational course that helps you prepare financially and emotionally for retirement (and the years leading to retirement). It has a focus on educating you on topics of personal finance and positive psychology so that you are prepared when life happens from today through retirement.

This course is not an online textbook. It is an educational course grounded in research and best practices that are brought to life with real-life stories and examples.

The course was written by Dr. Thia, MPower’s Director of Education, who has over 35 years of university-level personal financial planning education. She has presented over 3,500 face-to-face workshops that have inspired 200,000+ people.

She has studied retirement planning for decades and has identified the critical information that people need to know from her studies in personal finance and positive psychology for retirement planning. Dr. Thia gets that life is busy and we can’t all wade through the information ourselves. 

She makes it her mission in Richer Retirement to educate on critical steps people need to consider, but then allows for individuals to decide what is right for them. The course is written with actionable solutions that can be implemented in the short term, or if they aren’t a good fit, not at all. 

Now, for Richer Retirement feedback from graduates of the course:

Richer Retirement Course Reviews state that the course  is Engaging and at Times Shocking

A couple of individuals shared with MPower Co that they took the course to simply gain information or to just see what the course was about because it wouldn’t hurt. They quickly found, though, that the information was presented in a manner that was exciting and engaging. One student even said they were a bit shocked by the course. 

Here are the statements by graduates of Richer Retirement: 

  • “My goal for this course at first was just to finish it, however those goals changed each week as I found myself excited and waiting for the next unit to become available. I wanted reassurances that I am on track before I actually make the decision to retire. This course provided many tools to ensure that my retirement is attainable and will not be filled with…. ‘Oh no’s, I didn’t think about that’!”
  • “It was shocking to keep track of spending for 30 days.  Lots of money that could have assisted in a richer retirement was spent. Tracking daily expenses is very eye-opening.  Just so many little things and it all adds up.”
  • “Dr. Thia did an excellent job. The course had very informative, prepared material.  I don’t have any suggestions on what could’ve been done better.  There was never a dull moment and, most of all, Richer Retirement was very interesting.”

It’s easy to continue with the status quo or get inaccurate information, so that’s why we take excitement and surprise from students as wins. It means they’ve learned something new and it will have a lasting impression on their actions in the future.

Hearing from graduates that the course was exciting and shocking isn’t enough; Individual results matter, too. 

Richer Retirement Gets Results

Success stories are what we live for, and so far 100% of the students that have taken Richer Retirement in 2020 have stated at the end of the course that they reached their goals for taking on the course. 

Based on the Richer Retirement Feedback we received, here are a few statements that show the success of students: 

  • “ I did make the decision to increase the amounts that I contribute every year to retirement. More than anything, my lack of preparedness when it comes to estate planning is what surprises me, along with all the options and decisions that need to be made when it comes to retiring and preparing for the end of our lives. My wife and I sat down and looked to the future to ensure that what we leave is not a huge mess for our children”
  • “I wanted to know how on earth to save for retirement this late in the game and I got all the answers I needed.”
  • “Until this unit on Social Security, I was misinformed about how Social Security works.  I learned, instead, what I need to do to maximize my benefit.” 
  • “My wife loved the digital assets tracker, as I don’t have to ask her for passwords for everything and every time I try to log into something.”
  • “I have made several changes. I ran all three credit checks for the first time in my life and it will become an annual event. The monthly tracking of expenditures was definitely an eye opener and I find myself talking with others about retirement more and more.  Once things get back to the “new normal”, I will be finalizing an estate plan.”
  • “I’ve increased the investment contribution amount thru payroll auto-deductions.”
  • “I have opened a Roth IRA and started saving a little harder than I was before.  I am exploring my employer’s deferred compensation plan.”
  • “Checking our credit report was another item that we had not been taking advantage of. I will now check every 4 months.”
  • “This course is teaching me to be more responsible of my finances and life. today I went to the Credit Union to set up a savings account and had them direct deposit a certain amount each paycheck for my emergency fund.”
  • “Overall I am an organized person but my wife and I have never gotten financially organized until this class helped us to get organized.“
  • “I set up and reviewed my online Social Security account, and was surprised at how much information was on there in regards to my earnings over the years. I enjoyed seeing how much I had made and thinking back to what jobs I held during those years. I was pleased to see the amount that the website said I qualified for in benefits.”

One of our goals is making a financial difference in the lives of individuals who take our courses, and these statements show that individuals were empowered to make financial changes. Just as exciting as these statements are, MPower Co is excited when course-takers change their mindset in a positive way. 

Richer Retirement Changes Mindset 

Richer Retirement course reviews indicate that graduates had a shift mindset while taking the course. Here is what they told MPower: 

  • “Even though I felt unprepared for the journey of retirement, you have provided encouragement and good steps to be happy with where I’m at because I can’t go back.   I can only go forward and do the best from this day forward.   Thank you for the positive outlook on what seemed to be a bleak subject.”
  • “I appreciated the feedback even after the overwhelmingly, and I guess negative, way I reacted to one of the chapters. [Dr. Thia] didn’t blast me but appreciated the way I was feeling and by doing that was able to approach the next chapter with a positive light and even think of the previous one as a learning tool.”
  • “I really like the idea of learning to become a CEO to my own retirement.”  
  • “This course is helping me redirect the energy I have been putting into feeling guilty or procrastinating, and shifting it to learning and taking positive actions.”
  • “The course is helping my mind to be more open about retirement. Do everything I can while I have my health to do it, and I’m encouraged to work to live, not live to work.”

Dr. Thia has learned that sometimes people are too focused on the past to move forward into the future. That’s why having a course that is high-touch with Dr. Thia instructing the course is invaluable. Not only is the course written to be positive and forward-thinking, but the support she can give through weekly communications with students can really help people overcome the hurdles they face. 

Sometimes, students, though, just need reassurance they’re doing the right thing and encouragement to continue on their path. 

Richer Retirement Provides Reassurance 

Richer Retirement can be, for some, an overhaul to retirement planning or a start to retirement planning.  Oftentimes, though, it’s about providing reassurance and small tweaks for individuals who have already done some retirement planning. 

  • “What I have learned so far from taking this Richer Retirement Course is I feel even more confident/comfortable on having enough money to live my desired lifestyle in retirement based on my projected expenditures, my Social Security retirement benefits, my pension/retirement and investments.” 
  • “ It also affirmed that I am on the right path and grateful for it. It was a necessary check on my navigation. The course is well worth the time.”
  • “There was so much knowledge on estate planning that I’m sure some people don’t understand how it actually works.  This was a great course.  I feel empowered to create a rich retirement for myself.”

Richer Retirement Graduates Recommend The course! 

One of the best thank-yous Dr. Thia and MPower Co can get about Richer Retirement is the fact that graduates of the course also recommend the course. Read what they say: 

  • “Yes I would most definitely let people know about this class. I believe if I had this information when I was younger I may have done things differently. Young people need to know how to plan for their retirement so it does not creep up on them and they have nothing there for them in the later part of life.”
  • “Yes, I would recommend the course. This is one of the best classes I ever took.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this course because this is great information that will change the way you think about retirement.  There is so much information that never crossed my mind about retirement and I really had no knowledge about what avenues you should look at when you think about retirement.”
  • “This information is priceless.”
  • “I wish I knew what I have learned today at a younger age! It is never too late to start.”
  • “I would definitely recommend this course (and I already have) to everybody, especially those who have just started in their careers.  The information in this course is valuable, eye-opening, and life changing.”
  • “I would recommend this course because [Dr. Thia] provides concrete information that we can use for retirement planning and readiness. So many things shared I had not considered.”

Richer Retirement Is For You!

Richer Retirement course reviews remind us why this course is so important. Hopefully, many of the statements of our graduates resonated with you. Want to learn more about Richer Retirement? Visit the Richer Retirement page of our website. 

The next offering of Richer Retirement will be open to the public in early 2021. To request to be notified when registrations open for 2021, please email info@mpowerco.com

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