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Company Description

Built by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, MPower Co is a lifetime resource that provides financial and positive psychology courses and coaching. The purpose of MPower Co is to help you move forward more confidently and more quickly to being the CEO of your life. From your first financial decision to learning about your signature strengths, MPower Co will empower you to grow your life experiences along with your financial capacity in order to realize your most positive life.

Mission Statement

Provide financial and well-being courses and coaching, inclusive and supportive of all individuals and couples, that provide custom solutions that equip clients with the knowledge and tools to be the CEO of their life.

Values We Operate By


We want you to trust working with us. Any personal and/or financial information you share with us will be treated with strict confidentiality. We will never share or sell your information. Additionally, we are not investment advisors nor do we sell any investment product or other financial device. Our focus is on providing quality education and support.


We will always strive to provide current and cutting-edge information. We will provide our knowledge in a manner so that you have the right information, at the right time, provided in a manner that understandable and actionable.

Effective Communication

The way people get more comfortable talking about money is by talking openly. We will always listen respectfully and treat you with dignity. No person is perfect. There will be no shame or blame for past choices and circumstances.  The opportunity for our work is focusing on today’s realities and shaping the future.


In a proactive and optimistic environment, we will be working to build on your strengths and your goals. You have strengths – let’s work to maximize them. You will find us to be attentive, encouraging, and understanding.


We want to relate to you as a human. We see you as gifted in some (perhaps many) ways, but know that when it comes to finances you may feel vulnerable and uncomfortable at times. We will share facts, stories, and guide you, based on the principals of personal finance.


While understanding does not mean condoning procrastination, when you work with us you choose what’s important to you. You can say no or put action solutions on hold without feeling guilty.

KISS: Keep It Simple Solutions

There is a tendency to make financial principles harder and more complex than they should be. Our goal is to communicate in plain English and to keep our action solutions practical and consistent with your goals.

Meet Your

MPower Co Coach

Lea Satterfield, MBA

Lea, Founder and CEO of MPower, is a graduate of the Personal Financial Planning Program at the University of Missouri and earned her MBA, with an emphasis in Finance, from Arizona State University. In 2012, Lea passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® examination. During college, she interned at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and quickly found how few individuals felt confident with personal finance.

To help protect uninformed investors and because of her interest in law, which she got from her father, she turned professionally towards securities regulation. She worked for the Missouri Securities Division as an investigator before going on to work for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as an examiner and then as an examiner within the  Anti-Money Laundering Investigative Unit. Through her work in regulation, she has audited and investigated a number of investment firms, and she has built cases that have resulted in over $1 million of restitution being returned to investors.

Helped to return over

of restitution to investors through her work in securities regulation

Fun Facts:

• She’s been saving for retirement since she was 13 years old

• She played clarinet in concert and marching band during high school

• She served as Treasurer for her Chapter of Kappa Delta for a year in college

Dr. Cynthia “Thia” Crawford

Before joining MPower Co as Director of Education, Thia served as an extension professor at the university level for over 30 years. Her expertise has reached over 300 million people through radio and face-to-face workshops and classes on subjects including financial education, leadership, management, and donor education. A highlight of her career has been traveling the world as a W.K. Kellogg International Leadership Fellow (class 1).

Although Dr. Crawford already holds advanced degrees in consumer economics and adult education, Thia continues to model life-long education, recently finishing graduate work focused on positive psychology and how it can make retirement planning more comprehensive and impactful. Thia is a university extension professor emerita, a scholar, an entrepreneur and business owner, radio personality, researcher and problem solver, college sports fan, international traveler, cattle rancher, and tree farmer.  She is always excited about the opportunity to work with individuals.

Presented Over

face-to-face workshops for over 200,000 individuals.

Fun Facts:

• She and her husband Robert paid off their first home in seven years

• She’s given finance tips on the radio in 20 states

• She is an avid quilter

• She holds graduate degrees a in Family Economics and Adult Education

Flexible and Effective

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