Happiness Habitudes

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Happiness is not a destination. It is now. Happiness Habitudes will start with discovering your signature strengths and setting aside strategies that too many people tend to turn to that aren’t very helpful. The remainder of the course will be packed with information and strategies that research and science have proven to help amp up your well-being.

Each lesson takes less than an hour to work through and then offers practical, friendly habits and attitudes you can implement immediately to boost your happiness.

Ready for more good news?  Implementing these habits and attitudes won’t cost you a cent; however, the payoffs can be huge for you and those around you.

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For more information on the course outline, how it works, and the course author and coach, keep scrolling.

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“I began studying positive psychology to increase my ability to thrive in times of change. This information has become so powerful in my life, I know I can't just keep it only for my use—it is too important! Unleashing strengths and knowing the most impactful strategies to focus on makes all the difference when times are tough.”

Dr. Thia, Course Author and Coach

What You’ll Learn


Discovering your Signature Strengths

In this introductory unit, you will meet your course author and coach. After an overview of the course content, discover your signature strengths, and mobilize them to be your most tenacious self.


Finding Happiness and Positive Emotions

In this unit, learn why it’s essential to move from the pursuit of happiness to experiencing happiness now. Happiness and positive emotions can increase your success and prevent some problems. Positive emotions can also serve as a realistic buffer for adversity and help with recovery.


Engaging in Resilience

Think of this unit as our starting point for “how to bounce” when life happens. I think you’ll find lots of practical ideas and strategies. William Churchill said it well. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”



Loneliness is toxic, but good relationships are protective. In this unit, you will learn about three persuasive conclusions from a longitudinal Harvard University study on how relationships can strengthen your life. Conflict is inevitable. In this Unit, you will learn how to rein in the headless horsemen and practice options that better permit relationships to continue and grow.


Learned Optimism and Meaning

Optimism is not as much genetic as it is an educational process that is positively life-changing. This unit is about how to step up your hopefulness. This unit will also help you to focus on identifying meaning and celebrating it.


Accomplishments and Focus
Let me teach you the power of threes in this unit! In a world where people tend to distract themselves with technology, we need to be more skilled at managing our focus.



Who does forgiveness benefit most? You.

You’ve heard, “Forgive and forget.” That statement is only half true. In this Unit, you will learn why it is important to forgive but not to forget. In this unit, you will learn powerful positive techniques for incorporating forgiveness into your life.



A positive and negative thought can not occupy the same space. The habit of gratitude is literally life-changing, and in this unit you will learn how to be more grateful each day.

How It Works

Fully Online

This is an online course that can be accessed with any device (we would recommend using a computer) that has internet access.

8 Units

There are eight individual units, which are detailed in the above section.  The units are individually released allowing students to immerse themselves in one topic allowing for as much growth and knowledge to be transferred as possible.

Three Months of Access

Students have access to the course information 24/7 for three months from the course start date. Therefore, students can access the information when it works best. There are eight units, so by having the course accessible for additional time this allows four weeks for students to re-read units and/or catch-up if life happens.

Tuesday Emails

Each Tuesday of the course your instructor will send an email to introduce the week’s topic ensuring you are notified of the Unit release. The communication will provide encouragement and maybe even be a joke or two.

Individualized Email with Instructor Weekly

As part of each Unit, there are prompted questions/discussion points for an email communication with the course instructor. You choose which items you want to discuss with your instructor via email. You have the sole discretion to determine how much you want to share with your instructor. Each student receives a personalized, timely response to these communications. Our goal is to ensure each student reaches their goals for taking the course.

Progress Tracker

MPower Co uses ZippyCourses to deliver the course content, which tracks each students progress. This allows students to know where they left off so they can pick up right where they left off.


Throughout the course you will get links to videos created by individuals who are leaders in the positive psychology space. Instead of having to research the top information from the top individuals in positive psychology, course author Dr. Thia has already done the work for students taking the course!


The course has links to assessments you can take (for instance, there is one about learning your signature strengths). These are third party assessments where there is no right or wrong answer. They are provided for the purpose of you learning and not to be judged or graded as part of the course.

Three Reasons Happiness Habitudes is Unique


Small Cohorts

You will have a maximum of 50 other people going through Happiness Habitudes at the same time as you, so Dr. Thia can provide individualized support and assistance throughout.

Unique Perspective

Positive Psychology Perspective

Positive psychology recognizes that most are already doing well. This course is not about fixing yourself or your weaknesses—it is about increasing what you do well today to increase your happiness. It is about having your best life moving forward.


Designed To Keep You Engaged

Throughout the course there are videos and correspondences with the instructor to engage yourself in the course and make your life better starting today. These videos and correspondences are integrated into the course so you are your most tenacious self by the end of the course.

meet your instructor

Dr. Cynthia “Thia” Crawford


years of experience as a university level personal financial planning educator


number of education certificates in positive psychology that Dr. Thia has earned

More About Dr. Thia
Dr. Thia

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