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Written Wishes is a four unit online course that will guide you through the estate planning process from start to finish. If you know that compiling your wishes is important and you want to increase your confidence that you are establishing an adequate estate plan, this course is for you. This course will help you simplify the estate planning process to what is important, provide you with the resources  and materials to establish a plan.

Estate planning knows no age. This course is written to help people in their 30s or people in their 70s to prepare the important documents to leave behind for loved ones. Give them the gift of organizing your financial life and having your wishes in writing, so that they can focus on the process of grieving.

This course is not an online textbook; it’s an interactive learning experience that combines education, guidance, and support. This course is not a sales pitch; it’s 100% education you can trust, drawn from well-respected research and best practices.

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“I knew I needed an estate plan, but didn't know where to start. The pandemic motivated me to change that. I've written this course based off of the knowledge and experience I gained from creating my own estate plan. It feels life changing to know something is in place.”

Mark Satterfield, Course Author and Coach

What You’ll Learn


The Basics of Estate Planning

This unit will give you the knowledge you need to know in order to establish an adequate estate plan. Learn about the important documents, mindsets, and more, of an estate plan. You’ll be ready to dive in to create your estate plan after reading this Unit!


Assess Your Finances

Part of estate planning is knowing what you have and organizing the information so that your heirs don’t have to guess or re-create your financial wheel. Throughout this Unit you will assess your finances and organize your financial information into documents that will take the guess work out of understanding your finances when you are gone.


Gifting Your Estate

Now that you know what you have, it’s important to make it known who you want to receive what. This Unit will guide you to executing critical legal documents that will help your estate save money so that your assets go to the loved ones of your choosing. If you’re looking for a reliable, free place to create a Will or Powers of Attorney, this Unit has that information for you!


Life Insurance and Beneficiary Review

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to leave assets to heirs is through having beneficiary information on accounts. This Unit will walk you through the process of updating beneficiary information and assessing your life insurance needs. By the end of this Unit you will have your wishes well documented and organized for your loved ones.

How It Works

Fully Online with Two Months of Access

This is an online course that can be accessed 24/7 for two months with any device (we would recommend using a computer) that has internet access.

4 Units

There are four individual units, which are detailed in the above section. The units are individually released during the first four weeks of the course allowing students to immerse themselves in one topic allowing for as much growth and knowledge to be transferred as possible. There are four weeks of additional time to catch-up if life happens or to re-read units.

Written Wishes Binder

As part of the course you will receive a binder to collect all of your important documents and wishes. This will allow you to package the information you compile to leave it neatly organized for your loved ones. What good is putting together an estate plan if it isn’t organized so your loved one knows where and what your wishes are!

Tuesday Emails

Each Tuesday of the course your instructor will send an email to introduce the week’s topic, provide encouragement. They are your reminder to make progress through the course!

Individualized Email with Instructor Weekly

As part of each Unit, there are prompted questions/discussion points for an email communication with the course instructor. You choose which items you want to discuss with your instructor via email. You have the sole discretion to determine how much you want to share with your instructor. Each student receives a personalized, timely response to these communications. Our goal is to ensure each student reaches their goals for taking the course.

Progress Tracker

Once the course begins, you have 24 hour access to course materials until the course end date. MPower Co uses ZippyCourses to deliver the course content, which tracks each students progress. This allows students to know where they left off so they can pick right back up at the same place in the course.

Downloadable Worksheets

 Throughout the course there are a number of downloadable worksheets (digital assets inventory, an expense tracker, to name a couple). You are able to download the blank form, edit them, and retain them in your records.

No-Stress Self Assessments

Throughout the course there are quizzes to test your knowledge. These are only for fun, as no grade is given. They’re simply a chance for you to test your knowledge. Quizzes are confidential.

Three Reasons to Take Written Wishes


Information is Simplified

Estate planning feels like a complex topic; however, this course simplifies the relevant knowledge in the field so that you can put together a customized plan based on your needs and wishes.

easy to understand

No Fancy Technical Terms

If you can register for the course, you can navigate and understand the content provided. We do not talk in legal terms that you cannot understand.


Designed To Keep You Engaged

Throughout the course there are specific action items that you can take to engage yourself in the estate planning process. Through having the aid of a coach throughout the course, you will have support if you face hurdles that you’re not sure how to jump.

meet your instructor

Mark Satterfield, CPA


years of experience in finance and accounting.


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