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Secrets to Thrifty and Effective Estate Planning


Approximately 70% of individuals who say they should have a will don’t have one. If you know that estate planning is important, but you think it is too costly, too emotional, or too complicated, this guide is for you!  Challenge the knowledge you have about what makes up an effective estate plan. In this guide you will learn thrifty techniques to ensure your loved ones are provided for at the end of your life. 

Guide Setting Guide


Ready to set new resolutions? Looking to establish goals? Check out this guide that will help you accomplish just that in less than 30 minutes. You’ve probably thought about what you want most already, but feel like writing them out is either pointless or a long, arduous process. It doesn’t have to be! And this guide will help you focus in on who you want to be and what you want to do and have. By writing out your thoughts, you can solidify and minimize the noise so you have focus and clarity going into the new year.

10 Steps to Becoming the Millionaire Next Door

There are about 11 million households in the United States with a net worth over one million dollars. If having a net worth of that magnitude seems like it is out of reach, let MPower Co be the first to tell you that it’s not. There are 12 things you can start doing today so that you can become a millionaire next door. Learn more about some simple steps you can implement starting today so that you can realize becoming a millionaire.