Estate Planning Explained

A Free Webinar Simplifying the Estate Planning Process to Make it Approachable

Preparing an effective estate plan doesn’t have to be confusing, emotional, or costly. There are simple, inexpensive steps you can take today that will protect your family and give you peace of mind. Give your family the gift of an effective estate plan and yourself the confidence to put that plan together, by watching this free Estate Planning Explained webinar today!

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You can save your heirs

of dollars in court fees, attorneys fees, and more, by establishing an estate plan that will pass your assets to your loved ones efficiently.

This free webinar Estate Planning Explained will:

  1. Bring into focus what an effective estate plan really entails;
  2. Make estate planning feel approachable;
  3. Illustrate low and no-cost ways to create important pieces of an estate plan;
  4. Show you where to start with estate planning; and
  5. Provide you with a free estate planning checklist.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:

What to include in your estate plan and how to approach it with the right mindset!

The webinar will not use scare tactics, provide you with expensive solutions, and won’t waste your valuable time!

“Lea has clearly studied the important need-to-know information on estate planning. She uses common sense and has a has a knack for simplifying estate planning information into easy-understand terms. I highly recommend working with her!”

D. StockEstate Planning Course Graduate
Meet Lea

Meet the Webinar Host!

An expert in the field of personal finance and estate planning, Lea Satterfield is an expert in simplifying complex topics into easy-to-understand steps. Lea understands that estate planning may feel extremely emotional, costly, and/or complex. She also knows that tomorrow is not promised, so she created Written Wishes, an estate planning course where she coaches people through the estate planning process from start to finish. Lea has been featured in Good Housekeeping and Real Simple Magazine and is a monthly Elevation Expert in PubliSHEd Magazine. Lea knows your time is valuable and your family is important to you, and she is here to empower you to protect them if the worst were to happen.

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