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March 2020

How to be Mindful About Student Loans

By Money Myths

My parents both were the first individuals in their families to obtain higher degrees. And between them, they have multiple degrees. They accumulated student loans out of the wazoo. It took them a long time to pay them off and the cost of other things they could have done with the money was high. Because of this, they decided it…

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Ask The Instructor: 5 Questions with Lea

By MPower

In Part 1 of our “Ask The Instructor” series, you met Dr. Cynthia (Thia) Crawford. Today, we want to introduce Lea Satterfield, MBA! Lea is the Founder and CEO of MPower Co and instructor of our online financial course MPowered Couple. Lea is excited for the future of MPower Co and how the business, whether through its courses or coaching,…

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