With ten days left in 2021, it’s time to write our 2021 year-end review. It always surprises me when these come about, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and think ahead to the new year. 

Looking back, 2021 felt like a year of transition. In 2020 we were a new company, and in 2021 I feel like both MPower Co and I started to break out of our shell (perhaps that is synonymous with a re-emergence into public in connection with the pandemic).  I was able to focus on networking and building relationships, as we joined the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and participated in a Women’s Symposium for Gateway of Hope. We were also asked to be speakers at the Missouri Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference. 

The core of our business will always be working to provide financial and well-being education. We were able to add a course (Written Wishes), we upped our blog posts and newsletter to weekly and created three free resources for individuals. Our courses were well received by the public, and we continued to have a fantastic success rate with respect to enrollees completing the courses and reaching their goals for taking our courses. 

While these are major highlights of MPower Co’s 2021 year-end review, I want to dive in a little deeper to the successes of the business and items we are looking forward to in 2022! 

MPower Co’s 2021 Year-End Review: 3 Successes from 2021

Writing and Publishing Written Wishes, and Online Estate Planning Course

In the fall of 2020, Mark, my spouse, and I dove into establishing an estate plan in case the worst were to happen to one or both of us. This is something we were compelled to do because of the pandemic. We knew we didn’t want to leave our loved ones with a mess or our girls without designated guardians. We did the research, and realized there are reliable resources at low cost, and that simply knowing what all to think about was the key. 

Written Wishes Logo

This was our inspiration for Written Wishes, a course on estate planning that we wrote together in early 2021 and launched in May 2021. It is a four chapter course that walks people through the estate planning process from start to finish. It helps people think of not only the legal records, but the contact information, passcodes, and more, that are important to include in a thorough estate plan. The course also includes a physical item – a binder – for people to organize important documents. 

The launch of Written Wishes in 2021 exceeded our expectations. Of those that enrolled in the course, 82% of them completed the course and 100% of those that completed the course indicated that they reached their goals for enrolling in the course. 

Increasing our Free Resources

There is a lot of debate in the online business world. Do you provide free resources or do you provide resources at a small cost. It’s important to me that our education be accessible. We more than doubled the amount of free resources in 2021, including an increased frequency from once every-other week for blog posts to weekly, and publishing a newsletter weekly

We also added three free downloadable resources to our website. The first was our goal setting guide, the second was our download on becoming a millionaire next door, and a guide on ten essential tips to creating an effective and thrifty estate plan. 

Increased Networking Opportunities

The last success of 2021 that I want to talk about in this 2021 year-end review is our ability to increase our networking opportunities. I am thankful for each individual I got to talk with about what MPower Co is about. Through networking we were able to accomplish a number of things, including increasing our brand awareness, educating individuals on personal finance and well-being, and we identified companies and individuals we can work with and for. 

What’s Coming in 2022!

While this may be our 2021 year-end review, we want to say that we are taking that momentum and rolling it right on into 2022. I’m so thankful for how MPower has grown during 2021, and I’m excited about our outlook for 2022. Here are two, of many, things that I’m looking forward to for 2022: 

Increased Partnerships

It has been a goal of mine to partner with businesses and organizations to offer our courses. While I don’t want to name specifics for this blog post (I’m afraid I might miss someone!), I’m so excited for the opportunities ahead of us to partner with businesses and organizations. MPower Co is truly in a growth mode and our networking in 2021 has led to opportunities to work with more companies and people to deliver our courses. We look forward to these opportunities and partnerships going into the new year! 

New Course Delivery Platform

On November 1, 2021, I received an email that the course delivery software we use was sold to another company and that we would need to move to a new course-delivery platform. There are so many things that I am excited about with respect to the new software we are going to use. Here are three, to name a few: 

  1. Our courses will no longer have a specific course start-date. If you decide you want to dive into a topic, you won’t have to wait until the next course window date, you are able to get started in the course that day. 
  2. Course emails will be better integrated into the course experience. We notify students when new chapters are released; however, we’ve had issues in the past with these emails getting filtered into spam folders. We are excited about how the new software integrates much better with email services to minimize the risk that our emails aren’t received. 
  3. The new software allows for coupon codes (as a reward for reading this far, be sure to follow us on social media for discounts on our courses periodically throughout the year)! 

Final Thoughts on 2021

In closing for our 2021 year-end review, thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up and being a part of this business and the MPower Community! It means so much to me personally and to my family. I hope that in some way, large or small, we have helped you live a richer life in 2021 and that we can be a part of your support system moving forward into 2022! 

Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Photo credit: Black Fox Photography

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