I’ve covered a lot over the past few months here on the blog, but something I haven’t done is give a lot of insight as to my mindset, etc. In fact it has been since this article that was from March of 2020. So, back because I wanted to have a lighter topic on the blog this week is another installment of “Ask the Coach.” 

I had Mark choose the questions to ask me, so that hopefully they would be a bit more thought-provoking or hard hitting. Hopefully you learn a thing or two about me this week, even if it’s to figure out we have something in common or perhaps not in common. 

1. What do you want MPower Co to be known for? 

There are so many things I could answer to this question. I could go with I want people to know we are cutting-edge, we like to be trailblazers, and more. But, I think most of all, I want MPower Co to be known for providing financial and well-being education that can be trusted. There’s the saying “we are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge.” That couldn’t be more true in the fields of what is best for us financially and mentally. 

Dr. Thia and I have read, studied, taught, and practiced. We know what the research says when it comes to both personal finance and positive psychology. We practice what we learn ourselves, we support other people to incorporate practices that fit their needs. It’s important to me that when people come to MPower Co, they know they can trust the education we provide. 

2. What is something you are most proud of about MPower Co? 

I am proud of so much that we’ve done. We’ve doubled the amount of courses we offer from 2 to 4 in just a little over a year. However, there are two things that are ringing in my ears right now. 

First, I’m so proud that we are a family business, and our personal relationships are just as strong, if not stronger, as the day we started. When Dr. Thia and I started talking about the business, it was really important to both of us that our relationship comes first. I’m constantly impressed by the business-mindedness of Dr. Thia and her ability to provide cutting edge education. 

Also, one of the first questions I get is how was it launching a business almost simultaneously with the pandemic kicking into full gear. We started talking about the business in 2019, but it wasn’t until early-ish 2020 that we launched the business (after I finished some maternity leave having a baby in January 2020).  We always planned for our courses to be online and all we did was shift from doing in-person trainings to holding them virtually. While it’s too bad we had to live through a pandemic, I’m proud that we already had a business model in place that could withstand moving forward without huge shifts. 

3. What has been your favorite vacation? 

Well, nothing like shifting gears! I love to travel, which I mentioned in my last article. It’s been something I’ve truly missed over the last year and a half and look forward to getting back on the road soon. 

I listed a few of my favorites, including our Honeymoon to hike the Incan Trail. I’ve also been on a cruise through the Panama Canal and another that visited Cuba. We also went on a two week adventure through Italy. We’ve done great traveling within the US. We’ve visited a number of national parks, we have toured New York City and Washington D.C. All of that to say that there is some great competition when it comes to the answer to this question! 

Mark, myself, my dad Robert, Dr. Thia, and an almost 2 year old Nora touring Pompeii.

I’m typically a person who doesn’t love going somewhere twice, so the fact that I dream of the day of making it back to Italy probably means it’s at the top of my list. We had Italian food for two weeks and I never tired of it. There was great wine and history. We were active, walking over 70 miles during our trip. If you ask me tomorrow, though, I’ll probably give you another answer! 

4. What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? 

This feels like a scary interview question, but I did tell Mark to ask questions that would help you get to know me in this version of ‘Ask the Coach.’ So, here goes. 

In my previous job, I had the opportunity to do a Myers-Briggs personality test. Mine came back, and I completely agree with it as ISTJ. I’m definitely an introvert. I like being social and working with others, but I need time to re-fuel by myself. Sensing is definitely my ability over being a negotiator. Thinking is definitely something I do well. I am in my head constantly thinking about different things. I have ideas and goals swirling at all times. It married with my sensing abilities, I think have led to my success at being a coach. 

The last one is a bit deceiving because of the label. It is judging over perceiving. That doesn’t mean I’m a judgemental person, it means I like routine and structure. I like to plan out my days and stick to itineraries. Those are all true things about me. If I don’t put keys or other objects in their same place, they are as good as gone (for at least a few minutes of me hunting for them). 

5. If you could only teach on one financial topic, what would it be? 

This is probably the easiest of all of the questions. The answer is why I wrote MPowered Couple. If I could only teach one thing, it would be to bring couples together around finance. It is so disheartening to me that money tears apart committed couples. Money is only one tool that can be used to support couples and individuals within a relationship. Life is going to have twists and turns and being able to communicate and recalibrate accordingly is so important. 

Even more granular than what is in the course, if I could pass on one thought about finance, it’s that money is only one tool that we have to live a better life. We can live rich no matter how much money we have. 

Learn More About MPowered Couple! 

If you liked this article getting to know me, learn more about the course that I coach couples through called MPowered Couple. It is all about helping couples to get on the same page about personal finance.  Head over to the course page to learn more about the coach and see if this course could help you and your partner build a stronger financial foundation together. 

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