MPowered Couple

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MPowered Couple

MPower Co, in partnership with BreakWell and your employer, offers you MPowered Couple. It is a course intended for committed couples, of any type, wanting to build a stronger financial foundation within their relationship. The course has five chapters of financial knowledge that will bring you and your partner together.

Throughout the course you will learn principles of personal finance, work to organize your financial information, dive into understanding your own financial strengths, and then focusing on your financial values and goals as a couple. By the end of this course you and your significant other will be more mindful of each other’s financial preferences, have set financial goals, have a strategy for how you plan to use money to reach your goals, and feel empowered.

BreakWell has partnered with your employer to offer you this course at a discounted rate or potentially for free, if you complete the course. Email for specifics related to your employer! 

For more information on the course content, your author and instructor, and the terms of the course, keep scrolling.

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“The number one reason relationships fail is financial infidelity. Money is such a personal topic. That's why it's important to learn how to communicate about money, get on the same page, and have strategies for getting back on the same page when life happens. I wrote this class to help couples, of all types, to minimize the taboo nature of finance and have a strong path forward.”

-Lea Satterfield, Course Instructor

What You’ll Learn


Course Introduction and Principles of Personal Finance

This chapter is focused on setting you up for success in the course. You will learn more about your instructor, the course agenda, and rules of thumb within the personal financial planning field that will help equip you and your partner with information to make sound financial choices.


Taking Stock of Your Individual Financial Picture

While this course is designed for couples, it is important that we all know our individual financial self. This chapter will guide you through assessing your credit report, your current assets and liabilities, and your individual financial habits.


Setting Your Financial Foundation Together

After having individual thought about what you want, this chapter will be about bringing that individual information back to your partner to set common goals, organize your financial information as a couple, and define your roles, so that as a couple you are maximizing your strengths.


Building Your Financial Team

It is important that we surround ourselves with financial resources that will ensure and support us on our way to financial security. This education based chapter will help you as a couple decide who you want to be your financial support system.


Maintaining Your Financial Foundation

As the course draws to a close, you will have a strong financial foundation built with your partner. It’s important that you maintain that foundation going forward. This chapter is designed to ensure you have methods to stay on the same page.

How It Works

Fully Online

This is an online course that can be accessed with any device (we would recommend using a computer) that has internet access.

5 Chapters

There are five individual chapters, which are detailed in the above section. The chapter are individually released allowing students to immerse themselves in one topic allowing for as much growth and knowledge to be transferred as possible.

90 Days of Access

The course starts the day you enroll in the course. Students have access to the course information 24/7 for 90 days from the course enrollment date. Therefore, students can access the information when it works best. There are five chapters, so by having the course accessible for additional time for individuals to catch-up if life happens or if re-reviewing material could be beneficial.

Weekly Emails

Each week of the course your instructor will send an email to introduce the week’s topic, ensure you are able to access the material, and provide encouragement for the week ahead.

Individualized Email with Instructor Weekly

As part of each chapter, there are prompted questions/discussion points for a communication with the course instructor. You choose which items you want to discuss with your instructor. You have the sole discretion to determine how much you want to share with your instructor. Each couple receives a personalized, timely response to these communications. Our goal is to ensure each couple reaches their goals for taking the course.

Progress Tracker

Once the course begins, you have 24 hour access to course materials until the course end date. MPower Co uses Thinkific to deliver the course content, which tracks the progress of each couple. This allows couples to know where they stopped so they can pick up right where they left off.

Downloadable Worksheets

Throughout the course there are a number of downloadable worksheets (digital assets inventory, an expense tracker, to name a couple). You are able to download the blank form, edit them, and retain them in your records.

Communication Activities

Communicating about personal finance can be fun! In each chapter there is a financial trust-building activity. The purpose is to increase your communication around finances and build experiences with each other around finance.

Meet Your Course Author and Coach

Lea Satterfield, MBA

Lea, Founder and CEO of MPower, is a graduate of the Personal Financial Planning Program at the University of Missouri and earned her MBA, with an emphasis in Finance, from Arizona State University. In 2012, Lea passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER examination. During college, she interned at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and quickly found how few individuals felt confident with personal finance.

To help protect uninformed investors and because of her interest in law, which she got from her father, she turned professionally towards securities regulation. She worked for the Missouri Securities Division as an investigator before going on to work for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as an examiner and then as an examiner within the  Anti-Money Laundering Investigative Unit. Through her work in regulation, she has audited and investigated a number of investment firms, and she has built cases that have resulted in over $1 million of restitution being returned to investors.

Helped to return over

of restitution to investors through her work in securities regulation

Fun Facts:

• She’s been saving for retirement since she was 13 years old

• She played clarinet in concert and marching band during high school

• She served as Treasurer for her Chapter of Kappa Delta for a year in college

Course Terms

The negotiated course fee for MPowered Couple is $99; however, BreakWell has negotiated that many employers they partner with will pay this fee for you as long as you complete the course. Simply email Tara Kraus ( for specifics. 

Completion of the course has been determined to consist of completing at least 4 of the 5 chapters. Completion of each chapter is a substantive email exchange (one or two paragraphs) with the course coach about information you found most meaningful in the chapter and how you have or will apply the information into your life. MPower Co will never ask you to share personal information. An email to the coach saying “I read it” is not a substantive response.

The good new is this, people who start this course find the material so life-changing that they complete the course.

You will have access to MPowered Couple for 90 days from your enrollment date in the course. The course chapters will be released to you each week until all chapters are released.  We know “life happens” during the course. While a good goal, it is not required to complete a chapter each week during the first five weeks of the course. You may work at your own pace to complete the course within the 90 day course window. You have extra time after all chapters are released to continue working or to review any of the course material.

All information you choose to share through communications with your instructor will be treated with strict confidentiality. Because of the partnership between MPower, BreakWell and your employer, your employer will be provided a list of employees enrolling on the course start date so program eligibility can be confirmed.  At the conclusion of the course, the wellness program will be provided a list of those enrolled indicating who completed the course and who did not.

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