MPower Co is excited to offer Written Wishes, an online estate planning course. This course is a one-stop estate planning solution that is written for all individuals who want to organize their estate documents and give their loved ones peace of mind. 

Putting together a good estate plan is one of the most loving gifts we leave our loved ones. It gives them the opportunity to focus on grieving instead of on hunting down financial records, keys, and more. Learn more about this online estate planning course by reading on! 

Why Now for An Estate Planning Course? 

The pandemic was what inspired our estate planning course Written Wishes. MPower Co’s CEO Lea is married to Mark. Lea had estate planning documents in place, but couldn’t get Mark motivated to do the same. That is until…

Unfortunately, Mark learned that a college acquaintance lost her husband to Covid-19. Her husband didn’t seem much older, nor did he appear to have significant health issues. It put a spark under Mark that he needed to see to this task. 

Not sure where to start, Lea and Mark started working together. They prepared a binder of important records needed for an estate plan. They used some of the material from Dr. Thia’s course Richer Retirement, as it touches upon estate planning, and did some additional research in other areas. 

From the experience of putting together an estate plan, Written Wishes was born. 

How the Estate Planning Course Written Wishes Works

  1. Fully Online

Written Wishes is an online course. You can take this course from the comfort of your home, or anywhere that has an internet connection. MPower Co has found that individuals that are able to figure out the technology to register for the course are able to access and complete courses. 

  1. Two Months of Access

Students have access to the course information 24/7 for two months from the course start date. This is so you can fit the course into your schedule. You can work on it weekdays, nights, or weekends.

  1. Four Units

There are four individual units, described in further detail below, that each have multiple lessons. We work to break the course down into easy-to-understand lessons with very clear goals for accomplishing compiling an estate plan. 

The units are individually released on Tuesday mornings the first four weeks of the course. This allows course takers to immerse themselves in one topic allowing for as much growth and knowledge to be transferred as possible. The remaining four weeks of the course are provided as catch-up time if life happens or to re-read information as wanted. 

  1. Written Wishes Binder

Within three days of registering for this estate planning course, MPower Co will ship to you a three-ring binder with tabs and pens. This binder is the perfect solution to organize your financial information, legal documents, and more, so that your loved ones can easily understand your estate. Use the pens to sign your legal documents! 

  1. Tuesday Reminder Emails

Each Tuesday of the course, your course coach will send an email to introduce the week’s topic ensuring you are notified each time a unit is released. The communication will provide encouragement and information to log-into the course, so that you aren’t left guessing or hunting for the course log-in information. 

  1. Individualized Email with the Course Coach Weekly

As part of each unit, there are prompted questions/discussion points for an email communication with the course coach. On our about page, you will find that confidentiality is one of our key values. You choose what items you respond to and how much information you provide to your coach. Your coach will not ask you for any financial or personal information. 

The purpose of these individualized emails are to ensure that each course taker receives the information they need to reach their goals for taking the course, and to provide encouragement for staying engaged in the course material. 

  1. Progress Tracker

Once the course begins, you have 24 hour access to course materials until the course end date. Within the course software there is a progress tracker. This allows you to know where you left off, so you can easily pick back up while working through the course. 

  1. Downloadable Worksheets

Throughout the course there are a number of downloadable worksheets (digital assets inventory, net worth statement, to name a couple). You are able to download the blank form, edit them, and retain them in your records (i.e. print them and put them in your binder!). These worksheets are worth the course fee themselves. They will help you organize your financial information into one central location. 

  1. No-Stress Self Assessments

Throughout the course there are quizzes to test your knowledge based on the course material. The research shows that if you are tested on material, you are more likely to retain it! These are only for fun, as no grade is given when taking the course. 

What Does the Estate Planning Course Cover? 

Written Wishes covers all topics that are applicable to the estate planning process. They are broken out into the following four categories: 

  1. Background on Estate Planning and the Binder

Unit 1 of Written Wishes gives you the background on estate planning that you need to know in order to prepare for the process of actually putting an estate plan together. You’ll learn about the current research in the area (i.e. do you really need a trust?), and you’ll also be walked through the binder and how it aids in your estate planning process. 

  1. Current Financial and Personal Assets Assessment

In the second unit of the course you will do an assessment of your assets. You’ll look at your assets from a holistic perspective and compile the information so that your heirs know what you have. If you’ve never put together a net worth statement, this unit will walk you through the process and give you tools to do so! 

Estate planning isn’t just about money! Have you thought about what you want to happen with your social media accounts when you are no longer here? You’ll also prepare other important assets, like passwords to accounts (have you thought about how you want your social media accounts to be handled when you’re done with them?). 

  1. Who do I want to leave it to? 

Now that you know what you have, it’s time to make a decision about who you leave it to. In this unit you will be walked through all of the legal documents (will, springing power of attorney, advanced directives). Within the course you’ll be provided with the resources that MPower Co recommends, including free ones to accomplish these records. 

  1. Life Insurance and Beneficiary Review

Last but not least, Written Wishes will walk you through an assessment of your life insurance needs and help you review beneficiary information to ensure it is up-to-date. By the conclusion of this unit you will have your entire binder completed and have an estate plan in place that you can feel proud of. Rest easier knowing your loved ones are provided for in your absence. 

One Caveat About Written Wishes

MPower Co wants to make it clear that we are not attorneys. Throughout the course you will be provided information and resources to put together an effective estate plan. However, there may be instances where you want to consult with an attorney, like having your will reviewed once you prepare it. 

Meet the Estate Planning Course Author and Instructor Mark Satterfield

Mark Satterfield holds the Certified Public Accounting designation and has worked in finance and accounting for more than 13 years. Mark is a life-long learner, who also loves teaching. For four years he has been an Adjunct Accounting Professor. Learn more about Mark in this blog post.  

Register for Written Wishes

Estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or an overly emotional process. If you’re ready to start this estate planning course, click here to register! Mark is ready to walk you through the estate planning process from start to finish. 

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