We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the Fountain of Health Wellness Program for the City of Kansas City. Through this partnership, we are providing city employees with the opportunity to take Richer Retirement and Tenacity for Tough Times through the city’s wellness program. 

City employees will receive a scholarship from the wellness program to pay course fees, as long as the employee finishes the course. 

“This opportunity for city employees to have access to our courses shows the city’s commitment to providing a well-rounded wellness program,” says Lea Satterfield, MPower Co’s Founder and CEO. 

“Wellness programs are excellent resources for supporting health in the workplace. The city’s acknowledgment that financial and mental wellness are just as important as physical health is compelling, and in line with what the research says.” 

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Benefits of employee wellness programs

Do employee wellness programs work?

Finance and mental wellness are two critical areas that affect the workforce. And according to new data, mental health wellness programs and financial wellness programs are the future of employee benefits. 

A 2018 Employee Financial Wellness Survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers found: 

  • Over 50% of employees have inadequate emergency savings
  • Roughly 50% find dealing with personal finances stressful
  • Nearly 50% consistently carry credit card balances
  • 33% find it hard to meet personal monthly expenses

A new study released in early 2020 by Wellable, a company that helps employers manage next-generation corporate wellness initiatives, revealed that mental wellness is the clear winner when it comes to expanding benefits in 2020. 

In its annual report, Wellable found that 80% of employers will increase their investment in mental health programs this year. 

Why provide employee wellness programs

Financial and mental health education are unique benefits that not all employers offer, but it is slowly becoming cutting edge to provide these resources to employees. 

Wellness programs inherently improve employee loyalty and retention. This is because employees feel as though their employer is taking care of their personal well-being. In return, employees are more likely to work hard and stay longer.

With financial and positive psychology courses, employees will: 

  • Improve confidence
  • Increase benefits participation
  • Improve loyalty to employer

Our courses are built on providing individuals with actionable solutions that will increase their financial portfolio and provide for a happier life. 

By practicing making positive decisions in their personal lives, employees will increase their decision-making capabilities and have more confidence in the workplace. 

Employee wellness program partnerships

Founders of MPower Co: Thia and Lea

About MPower Co

MPower Co was built by a mother-daughter duo to be a lifetime resource that provides financial and wellness courses and coaching. Our mission is to provide financial courses and coaching in a manner inclusive and supportive of all individuals and couples, regardless of financial situation. 

We provide financial planning solutions that equip clients with the knowledge and tools needed to be savvy financial decision-makers.

Currently, MPower Co has three online financial education courses and provides one-on-one coaching.

How to partner with us 

Would you like to partner with MPower Co to provide financial and mental education to your employees? 

Or do you want your employer to sponsor your fee to take one of our courses as part of your benefits package?

Whether or not there is already a wellness program in place at your office, MPower Co has a financial wellness solution for providing our courses to employees. 

Contact us to learn more!