MPower Co has offered four courses throughout the first half of 2021. Each of the courses have been offered through employer wellness programs and also to the general public. Course reviews always speak for themselves, and is why we are always happy to share updates with what course graduates have said! 

So, in this post, I’m going to cover each course and five things that course graduates said about each of the courses. Head to the section about the course you’re interested in, or read all of them because perhaps the feedback will speak to you in unexpected ways! 

Happiness Habitudes Course Reviews

Happiness Habitudes is Dr. Thia’s, MPower Co’s Director of Education, course that is all about how to live a happier life. In the course, individuals walk through eight subjects tied to the science behind well-being. The course gives strategies for incorporating habits and attitudes into everyday life that can dial up happiness. The course draws from the practice of positive psychology, which is about taking a good life and making it great. 

Here are five statements that graduates of Happiness Habitudes said in their course reviews: 

  1. “So many good points from this course.  I love the quote from Lewis B. Smedes; “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”  I’m definitely going to use that one!  Thia you did an amazing job putting this course together and I really appreciate the knowledge and wisdom that is packed in every lesson.”
  1. “Unit 5 opened me up to some new ideas about dealing with adversity and the sixth stage of grief being ‘meaning.’  That makes the process transformational – what a jewel of wisdom!”
  1. “I’m feeling so much better than I did before taking this course.  Identifying and mobilizing my strengths is life-changing.  I’m happy to be on a search for my purpose in life.”
  1. “I appreciate the content that is put into this course.  It is a decent mix of reading and videos and doesn’t require too much time to complete.  I can participate without feeling bogged down.”
  1. “I am getting much better at positive self talk. Twice this week when I was on the treadmill and worry started seeping into my mind, I literally spoke a list of my blessings out loud. It did crowd out worrisome thoughts and I immediately felt better!”

Happiness Habitudes is an online, eight unit course. If you’re ready to live a happier life, head over to the course page to learn more about it and to join the waitlist to be notified when the next time the course is open to the public! 

MPowered Couple Course Reviews

MPowered Couple is the course that I authored and coach couples through. This course is about bringing couples together around a topic that often tears relationships down. It is all about supporting couples through the process of learning to communicate about personal finance, organize their financial life, and prioritize goals for both individuals and the couple as a whole.  

Here are five statements that graduates of MPowered Couple said in their course reviews:

  1. “This course is an eye-opening resource for young couples to start their financial lives together. I believe it can help or encourage a couple to reach financial happiness.”
  1. “A big takeaway was the concept of ‘financial fidelity.’  It prompted us to have an important conversation. This conversation was an important stepping stone to being on the same financial path.”
  1. “We both agree it is becoming easier to talk about finances with each other. In one of the lessons, I learned it’s important to think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘our.’ For some reason that has been transformational, it doesn’t feel like there is a burden on just me or on just him. The load has been lightened with just that shift in thought.”
  1. “The materials provided in the class are very helpful.  We have been following the material closely and utilized the spreadsheets/tools provided for our overall financial plan. I definitely will recommend this course to others.  I know the class will help them open their eyes to re-visit their finances and ensure they’re headed in the right direction.”
  1. “We learned that we both need to be involved in managing our finances. Currently, one is taking the majority of the burden while the other feels left out.  We are working to find a better balance.” 

If these course reviews have you interested in more about this 5 unit, online course, head over to the MPowered Couple course page on our website to learn more. You can also sign up for the waitlist to be the first person notified when the course re-opens. 

Richer Retirement Course Reviews

Richer Retirement is Dr. Thia’s all encompassing financial course that has a slight slant on retirement preparedness. This course isn’t just for individuals nearing their retirement years, as the best day to prepare for retirement is the first day you have earned income. If you’re ready to make sure you’re living your best life starting now, up to retirement, and through the golden years, Richer Retirement is a must-take course! 

Richer Retirement Icon

Here are five statements that graduates of Richer Retirement said in their course reviews:

  1. “My main reason for enrolling was to learn what I needed to do to prepare for retirement.  The most important thing I learned is that there is so much I didn’t know (like the basics of social security). But you gave me the foundation not only for learning what I need to know, but also the confidence to know that I can learn it and take the steps to prepare myself.”
  1. “I will no longer touch my retirement savings.  And I like the final Unit on positive psychology, gratitude, etc.  That information is useful right now.”
  1. “I learned a lot when it came to understanding Medicare options.  Tax implications are definitely important and also knowing which “bucket” to draw from first when I need to start dipping into my savings was really important to learn about.”
  1. ”I feel like the course is an affirmation of the things that I am doing to prepare for retirement.  It makes me feel more confident.  I am becoming more “comfortable” with the amount of money I will have to live on.”
  1. The material is provided in a concise, well organized manner, and the worksheets and other tasks are leaving me with the information I need going forward (so I’m not just being lectured, I’m also walking away with things).

Richer Retirement is MPower Co’s flagship course. If you want to dive into all of what we do in one place, this eight unit course is a must. Head over to the Richer Retirement course page on our website to learn more about preparing for retirement. 

Written Wishes Course Reviews

Written Wishes is MPower Co’s newest course, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback that is received from graduates of the course! Written Wishes simplifies the estate planning process into the need-to-know information. It provides resources and tools to prepare an effective estate plan, including a three-ring binder where work product can be housed for heirs to have easy access to important information. Written Wishes is all about giving yourself peace of mind that your loved ones will be able to focus on the process of grieving instead of estate planning at the end of your life. 

Written Wishes Logo

Here are five statements that graduates of Written Wishes  said in their course reviews:

  1. “I have created a will for the first time.  I don’t have obvious heirs, so I want to make sure my wishes are written down and followed.”
  1. “I LOVE this suggestion of writing an ‘emotional will’!  We tend to focus on money, property, and the important things that we forget about are the life lived and the people we touch or are touched by. Great reminder!”
  1. “Thanks for the awesome course. I did enjoy the insurance portion. We have been in the process of re-evaluating our life insurance this year (since January haha) and it’s nice to read some common sense breakdown of what we need coverage wise, without the sales pitch.”
  1. “I have previously talked with people who are all for trusts. This seems to present pros and cons without adding bias. It gave me knowledge and confidence in my decision that I don’t need one.”
  1. “I put together a will and estate plan documents years ago, this course helped me thoughtfully review everything and update it so that it is current. I added a lot of additional information for my heirs that I hadn’t thought of before.”

The Written Wishes course page is waiting for you to review how the course works and what it covers in more detail! On the course page you can also sign up to be notified when the course is open next. 

Thank You From MPower Co

I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work with individuals to help them on their financial and well-being path. Dr. Thia and I love days when we get feedback on our courses, because time and time again course reviews say their lives are better for taking the courses. We appreciate every course taker and every supporter of MPower Co! 

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